Dukh Niwaran Kaur

I was amazed by my experience in the JHSD course. I had some ideas of what it was to be a Sikh and what Sikh Dharma was all about but I discovered in this course how limited these ideas were. I discovered that the path of the Sikh is as expansive as our experience of Divinity itself. I expected there to be some level of dogma and righteousness in the teachings and was so happy to feel the open acceptance and an embodied, lived expression of dharma that surpasses limits of religion. I was grateful to discover the diversity of expression of the students in the class and the power that this diversity brings our path.

I met a Sikh who was a Unitarian, Sikhs and students who embraced the faith tradition they grew up with, students curious about Sikh Dharma but who weren’t interested in being Sikh, and students who were long time Sikhs. No one had the “right” answer. Each of us had our own unique perspective to share that created a nuanced and colorful portrait of Sikh Dharma. I learned that there are many valid and inspiring ways to walk this path.

In this course, we have access to the best and strongest Sikh leaders and teachers in our community. I was awed by their generosity, openness, and depth of connection to their topic. They were exemplary role models on how to live and love Sikh Dharma. This course is a blessing!