About the Course

Journey into the Heart of Sikh Dharma is a small group class, meeting together via telephone biweekly with an expert presenter and the course facilitator.

This course will allow you to delve more deeply into a relationship with your spiritual path, and will also enrich your practice and understanding of Kundalini Yoga – it is a perfect complement or follow up to Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.

The course involves an investment of time leading up to each session. Short reading, experiential, and written assignments are given. In addition, between classes, you are invited to explore your relationship with the material with another participant in your section.

Your assignments are sent to the facilitator before each class. Highlights from each person’s reflections are shared during the class for learning and feedback.

Also, all students choose seva projects to do during the course as an offering to integrate the learning to the living experience.

Course Cost

Contact us for more information:  Mata Mandir Kaur at +1 703.887.2111 (mobile), or email her any time.


These are the topics which comprise the telecourse.

  • Your Journey – Introduction to the Course
  • The Four Pillars of Sikhism: Guidelines for Conscious Living
  • Seva: Selfless Service
  • Siri Guru Granth Sahib
  • Gurbani, Gurmukhi, Naad Yoga, and Nitnem: The Power and Experience of the Sacred Sound Current
  • Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma
  • The Formation of Sikh Character Through Sikh History
  • Banis (Daily Prayers): Exploring the Universal Experience of Japji Sahib, the Morning Prayer
  • The Power of Prayer
  • The Spiritual Warrior
  • Prosperity Consciousness and Dasvandh
  • Marriage and Dharmic Relationships
  • The Gift of Amrit – the Highest Commitment
  • Death, Dying, and Funerals
  • Final Evaluations and Course Wrap-up

See the About the Sections page for details on Section times, Class Dates, and the Presenter list for each section.


Course Refund Policy

In the below sentences, the “week following” means the 7th day after the section you are participating in. If you’re in the Monday section, it would be the Monday after that. If you’re taking a Thursday section, it would be the next Thursday.

90% refund through the week following the first class.

75% refund through the week following the 2nd class.

50% refund through the week following the 3rd class.

25% refund through the week following the 4th class.

No refund after these time frames.

JHSD Privacy Policy

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