Dhyan Saraswati Kaur

I feel I have grown considerably personally and spiritually during this course. This is especially true in terms of my understanding of and relationship to Dharmic principles and knowledge of the codes and ceremonies. At the start of the course, I knew very little about either, and now I feel as though I have a very personal and lived understanding of them. This course has allowed me the structure and time to spend the last seven months exploring myself and my belief system in a way that was expansive for me. Many of the classes, including the ones on marriage and death and dying, have left a lasting imprint on how I understand myself and others.

The layout of the course allowed me to explore material around the Sikh path, go deeper into my own values and belief system, all the while considering and feeling where my path and the Sikh path share sacred space. I have developed an understanding of myself in a Sikh context and found resonance, joy, and solace there. My relationship with the Guru has grown and become a very personal and vibrant one. Also, the time spent on class materials and what that time has sown into my daily practice have allowed a vibratory experience and communion with the divine that I had not understood or experienced before. I will be eternally grateful.

As an introvert who is usually far out of energy points by the end of the day, I have understood the many benefits of community on a cognitive level, but have not always longed for one personally. However, being in this class and seeing the beauty, strength, and vulnerability of others while we explore this material together has altered that for me. I understand and value both the community and the group consciousness in a profoundly deeper way.