Jot Gian Kaur

I love SEVA and after writing about it and spending more time with this topic, I came to realize that when I am serving others my EGO seems to just evaporate. This is such a sweet place for me and my soul to live. My vision is to continue to find seva projects, but at the same time, recognize my ability to serve each moment — a new concept that I was able to grasp after taking this course. 

I’ve always enjoyed connecting with people especially on a one-to-one basis, so I found our Buddy Calls to be very helpful and enjoyable! I definitely experienced growth during the group calls; I tend to be less comfortable speaking in a group setting, but this course helped me to look at this part of myself and provided a secure space for me to experience this growth.

I learned so much from Mata Mandir Kaur — that has been the biggest blessing as far as I am concerned. It was through experiencing her leadership and support that I can become a better leader. She taught me patience, kindness, and understanding. She also reinforced the importance of some areas of myself and skills that I did not value as much — her ability to connect with each and every one of us, keeping organized, showing compassion, and motivating me along the way.

As a Sikh I do have a  responsibility to serve and stand up for others. This course has given me the strength and courage to live and act in this way… one day at a time!