The cost of this course is $550. Register and pay by August 31 for a summer discount of $55 ($495).

This seven-month telecourse meets generally every two weeks, with the first sections beginning on Thursday, September 19, and on 
Monday, September 23. See Sections & Schedule for more details.

We invite you to take a look around our website and find out more about the course before registering, if you have not already done so.

Space is limited, so register today. If you have any questions, or have extenuating circumstances and need alternate payment arrangements, go to our contact form.

Payment must be made before your registration is complete; more information is on the next page after you submit this form, including payment plan information. Be sure to scroll to the top of the screen that appears after you click “submit” and follow the payment directions there.

For past alumnae of JHSD: if you are a past alumnus of the course, we offer you a special price; please register at this link.