Sections & Schedule

Sections & Schedule

Each section of the course meets for two hours once every two weeks from the end of September through the end of April (with some variations; the specific schedule for this year is below). See the FAQ for course cost and registration information.

2019-2020 Sections:

Mondays, 7-9 p.m. Eastern US time, first session September 23
Thursdays 19-21 CET-Central European Time (1-3 p.m. Eastern US), first session September 19
Thursdays 7-9 p.m. Eastern US time, first session September 19

Please note: Once you’ve selected the section you plan to take, you will stay in the same section throughout the course. In the event that you must miss a class, there will be a recording available for you. This is to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the students in each section, including your own.

2019-2020 Schedule: Dates, Topics, Presenters

Please note some dates in April and May are subject to change. More info will be posted here when known.

 Thurs Int'l  Thurs eve  Mon eve 
19-21 CET
(1-3 EST)
7-9 EST7-9 EST
19 SepYour JourneyMata Mandir Kaur19 SepYour JourneyMata Mandir Kaur23 SepYour JourneyMata Mandir Kaur
3 OctPillars of SDHari Dharam Kaur3 OctPillars of SDDaya Singh7 OctPillars of SDDaya Singh
17 OctKundalini Yoga & Sikh DharmaGuru Dharam Singh17 OctSevaGuruka Singh21 OctSevaSat Jagat Singh
31 OctSevaSat Jagat Singh31 OctKundalini Yoga & Sikh DharmaEk Ong Kaar Kaur4 NovKundalini Yoga & Sikh DharmaSiri Sevak Kaur
14 NovSiri Guru Granth SahibRam Singh14 NovGurbani NaadSat Purkh Kaur18 NovGurbani/NaadMata Mandir Singh
21 NovGurbani/NaadSat Purkh Kaur21 NovHistoryHari Dharam Kaur25 NovHistoryHarijot Singh
5 DecHistoryHarijot Singh5 DecSiri Guru Granth SahibDr. Harjot Kaur9 DecSiri Guru Granth SahibDr. Harjot Kaur
9 JanJapji SahibSat Hari Singh9 JanJapji SahibMata Mandir Singh13 JanNitnem BanisEk Ong Kaar Kaur
23 JanPower of PrayerSatya Kaur23 JanNitnem BanisGurutej Singh27 JanJapji SahibSnatam Kaur
6 FebNitnem BanisSiri Sevak Kaur6 FebPrayerSangeet Kaur10 FebPrayerSukhmani Kaur
20 FebProsperityDaya Singh20 FebProsperityHargobind Singh24 FebProsperityHargobind Singh
5 MarMarriage & Dharmic RelationshipsShamrang Singh/Arjan Kaur5 MarMarriage & Dharmic RelationshipsMahanRishi Singh/Nirbhe Kaur9 MarMarriage & Dharmic RelationshipsMahan Rishi Singh/Nirbhe Kaur
19 MarAmritGuruka Singh19 MarSpiritual WarriorGurujodha Singh23 MarSpiritual WarriorAwtar Kaur
26 MarSpiritual WarriorShiv Charan Singh26 MarAmritDukhNiwaran Kaur30 MarAmritDukhNiwaran Kaur
16 AprDeath & DyingJivan Jot Kaur16 AprDeath & DyingHarDarshan Kaur20 AprDeath & DyingHarDarshan Kaur
30 AprFinal Wrap UpMata Mandir Kaur30 AprFinal Wrap UpMata Mandir Kaur4 MayFinal Wrap UpMata Mandir Kaur