Sections & Schedule

Sections & Schedule

Each section of the course meets for two hours once every two weeks from the end of September through the end of April (with some variations; the specific schedule for this year is below). See the FAQ for course cost and registration information.

2019-2020 Sections:

Mondays, 7-9 p.m. Eastern US time, first session September 23
Thursdays 19-21 CET-Central European Time (1-3 p.m. Eastern US), first session September 19
Thursdays 7-9 p.m. Eastern US time, first session September 19

Please note: Once you’ve selected the section you plan to take, you will stay in the same section throughout the course. In the event that you must miss a class, there will be a recording available for you. This is to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the students in each section, including your own.

2019-2020 Schedule: Dates, Topics, Presenters

Please note some dates in April and May are subject to change. More info will be posted here when known.

See also the glossary of terms on this page.

 Thurs Int'l  Thurs eve  Mon eve 
19-21 CET
(1-3 EST)
7-9 EST7-9 EST
19 SepYour JourneyMata Mandir Kaur19 SepYour JourneyMata Mandir Kaur23 SepYour JourneyMata Mandir Kaur
3 OctPillars of SDHari Dharam Kaur3 OctPillars of SDDaya Singh7 OctPillars of SDDaya Singh
17 OctKundalini Yoga & Sikh DharmaGuru Dharam Singh17 OctSevaGuruka Singh21 OctSevaSat Jagat Singh
31 OctSevaSat Jagat Singh31 OctKundalini Yoga & Sikh DharmaEk Ong Kaar Kaur4 NovKundalini Yoga & Sikh DharmaSiri Sevak Kaur
14 NovSiri Guru Granth SahibRam Singh14 NovGurbani NaadSat Purkh Kaur18 NovGurbani/NaadMata Mandir Singh
21 NovGurbani/NaadSat Purkh Kaur21 NovHistoryHari Dharam Kaur25 NovHistoryGurutej Singh
5 DecHistoryJujhar Singh5 DecSiri Guru Granth SahibDr. Harjot Kaur9 DecSiri Guru Granth SahibDr. Harjot Kaur
9 JanJapji SahibSat Hari Singh9 JanJapji SahibMata Mandir Singh13 JanNitnem BanisEk Ong Kaar Kaur
23 JanPower of PrayerSatya Kaur23 JanNitnem BanisGurutej Singh27 JanJapji SahibSnatam Kaur
6 FebNitnem BanisNavleen Kaur6 FebPrayerSangeet Kaur10 FebPrayerSukhmani Kaur
20 FebProsperityDaya Singh20 FebProsperityDr. Haridass Kaur24 FebProsperityDr. Haridass Kaur
5 MarMarriage & Dharmic RelationshipsShamrang Singh/Arjan Kaur5 MarMarriage & Dharmic RelationshipsMahanRishi Singh/Nirbhe Kaur9 MarMarriage & Dharmic RelationshipsMahan Rishi Singh/Nirbhe Kaur
19 MarAmritGuruka Singh19 MarSpiritual WarriorGurujodha Singh23 MarSpiritual WarriorAwtar Kaur
26 MarSpiritual WarriorShiv Charan Singh26 MarAmritDukhNiwaran Kaur30 MarAmritDukhNiwaran Kaur
16 AprDeath & DyingJivan Jot Kaur16 AprDeath & DyingHarDarshan Kaur20 AprDeath & DyingHarDarshan Kaur
30 AprFinal Wrap UpMata Mandir Kaur30 AprFinal Wrap UpMata Mandir Kaur4 MayFinal Wrap UpMata Mandir Kaur