Sections & Schedule

Sections & Schedule

This seven-month course meets generally every two weeks, with two sections on Thursdays with times set to be convenient to students worldwide:  19-21 CET-Central European Time [1-3 p.m. Eastern US]; and 7-9 p.m. Eastern US), and one section on Mondays, 7-9 p.m. Eastern US.

The course start dates are Thursday, October 8, and Monday, October 12.
See What is JHSD for course cost, more on the topics of study, and registration information.

Dates, Topics, and Presenters

This year we will be using the Zoom webinar platform for our sessions. Please note: while the dates shown below are firm, the topics and presenters of them may shift before the course begins. Please check back regularly.

Thurs Int'l19-21 CET
(1-3 US Eastern)
 Thurs eve7-9 EST Mon eve7-9 EST 
8 OctYour JourneyMata Mandir Kaur8 OctYour JourneyMata Mandir Kaur12 OctYour JourneyMata Mandir Kaur
22 OctPillars of SDHari Dharam Kaur22 OctPillars of SD26 OctPillars of SDGurusangat Kaur BR
5 NovSeva & Social JusticeSat Jagat Singh & Atma Kaur5 NovSeva & Social JusticeGuruka Singh9 NovSeva & Social JusticeSat Jagat Singh & Atma Kaur
19 NovKundalini Yoga & Sikh DharmaGuru Dharam Singh19 NovKundalini Yoga & Sikh DharmaEk Ong Kaar Kaur23 NovKundalini Yoga & Sikh DharmaSiri Sevak Kaur
3 DecGurbani/NaadHarsimrren Kaur3 DecSiri Guru Granth SahibDr. Harjot Kaur7 DecSiri Guru Granth SahibDr. Harjot Kaur
10 Decclass check-inMata Mandir Kaur10 Decclass check-inMata Mandir Kaur14 Decclass check-inMata Mandir Kaur
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7 JanHistoryJujhar Singh7 JanHistoryHariDharam Kaur11 JanGurbani & NaadMata Mandir Singh
21 JanSiri Guru Granth SahibRam Singh21 JanGurbani & NaadMata Mandir Singh25 JanJapji SahibMata Mandir Singh
4 FebJapji SahibSnatam Kaur4 FebJapji SahibMata Mandir Singh8 FebHistoryHari Dharam Kaur
18 FebNitnem BanisHimmat Singh18 FebNitnem Banis22 FebNitnem BanisEk Ong Kaar Kaur
4 MarPrayerSatya Kaur4 MarMarriage & Dharmic RelationshipsMahanRishi Singh & Nirbhe Kaur8 MarPrayerMata Mandir Kaur
18 MarSpiritual WarriorGurujodha Singh18 MarPrayerSangeet Kaur22 MarMarriage & Dharmic RelationshipsMahan Rishi Singh & Nirbhe Kaur
1 AprDeath & DyingShiv Charan Singh1 AprSpiritual WarriorSahaj Singh5 AprSpiritual WarriorAwtar Kaur
15 AprMarriage & Dharmic RelationshipsSham Rang Singh and Arjan Kaur15 AprAmritDukhNiwaran Kaur19 AprAmritDukhNiwaran Kaur
29 AprAmritGuruka SIngh29 AprDeath & DyingHardarshan Kaur3 MayDeath & DyingHarDarshan Kaur
13 MayFinal Wrap UpMata Mandir Kaur13 MayFinal Wrap UpMata Mandir Kaur17 MayFinal Wrap UpMata Mandir Kaur

See also the glossary of terms on this page.