Previous Students’ Thoughts on JHSD

Journey into the Heart of Sikh Dharma has been a transformative program for me. More than that, it’s been a launchpad for the life I am meant to be living. I came to the class as a “new explorer” of the Sikh path, and over the months of study, of deep, investigative self-exploration, of powerful practices, I have emerged with a deeper connection to God, the Guru and myself.

I began the program in a time when nearly all the parts of my old life had gone through a deconstruction. With the Guru’s guidance, I have emerged with crystal clarity about my next phase, both personal and professional. I am energized and fully engaged in the joyous and challenging unfolding of my life. I can’t thank my classmates, all the teachers, and especially the loving and gifted Mata Mandir enough for the gifts I have received. Wahe Guru!!
~~ Shiva Prem Kaur/Jeannette Bessinger

To all my Kundalini friends — teachers and students alike — if you have wanted to go deeper in your relationship to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga or felt called to understand the context, culture, or lineage of the shabad, I am recommending that you seek out our divine teacher Mata Mandir Kaur and her beautifully curated telecourse Journey into the Heart of Sikh Dharma.

What a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn about the history and practice of a revolutionary and healing faith and to meet wonderful seekers on their own nuanced and interesting spiritual journey. I’ve enjoyed our presenters so much and felt seen and understood by our jetta (group). A wonderful step after completing a level one training or at any point in your life that you seek growth and community. Check it out if you are inspired to.
~~ Luisa Giugliano/Harsevak Kaur

I was amazed by my experience in the JHSD course. I had some ideas of what it was to be a Sikh and what Sikh Dharma was all about but I discovered in this course how limited these ideas were. I discovered that the path of the Sikh is as expansive as our experience of Divinity itself. I expected there to be some level of dogma and righteousness in the teachings and was so happy to feel the open acceptance and an embodied, lived expression of dharma that surpasses limits of religion. I was grateful to discover the diversity of expression of the students in the class and the power that this diversity brings our path.

I met a Sikh who was a Unitarian, Sikhs and students who embraced the faith tradition they grew up with, students curious about Sikh Dharma but who weren’t interested in being Sikh, and students who were long time Sikhs. No one had the “right” answer. Each of us had our own unique perspective to share that created a nuanced and colorful portrait of Sikh Dharma. I learned that there are many valid and inspiring ways to walk this path.

In this course, we have access to the best and strongest Sikh leaders and teachers in our community. I was awed by their generosity, openness, and depth of connection to their topic. They were exemplary role models on how to live and love Sikh Dharma. This course is a blessing!
~~ Dukh Niwaran Kaur

Sat Nam. If you are debating on taking this course, you should do it without any hesitation! My life has changed so very much. My knowledge of the 10 Gurus has expanded. My Sadhana practice in the ambrosial hour has grown with so much force as well as my spiritual self. I am so grateful for Sat Kaur Khalsa. She was of course an incredible teacher through the whole [course], as were the dynamic teachers that gave seva every 2 weeks on the Sikh Dharma teachings. I am so very grateful and full of love on this powerful journey. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
~~ Inderdeep Hammonds, posted on Facebook

In this course, I have been reflecting on my journey as a Sikh. I have considered my growing age and what the years ahead may include. When I approach my past in a neutral manner, I appreciate where I was and how blessed I am to be where I am. Every day brings an opportunity to grow both as a person and a Sikh, I continue to feel that, despite some tough days in the recent past. I feel more than ever, that I want this lifetime to count, to grow as a Sikh, to grow as a yogi and as a member of wider society.
~~ Amardeep Singh

I thought I knew a fair bit about the Sikh Dharma community but what I knew was pretty superficial. I found out about the great variation of practice and commitment and ways to approach Bani, Bana, Simran and Seva; I learned something from everyone in the class and everyone teaching the class. Sometimes it was actually a new idea or concept and sometimes it was revisiting or looking at something I thought I “knew” in a different way. This was true for Japji, for Sikh history, for Amrit, for Bana, and for many other things… This was truly an introspective journey and I look forward to continuing on my own journey with some of the new tools and ideas from the class.
~~ Raman Kaur

Being a part of The Journey to the Heart of Sikh Dharma has been my haven. Even when we are not together for weeks, each sojourner in this class is a part of my days when I am in thought of what we talked about, or the next class to come. Sometimes I would listen to the recording to help me absorb what we discussed or just to boost me through my day. I have fallen even more in love with this path and the people I meet.
~~ Surinderjeet Kaur

Journey Into the Heart of Sikh Dharma has been by far the single-most life-changing Dharmic activity in which I have personally had the pleasure to engage. Through the assignments, I learned to use my writing as a Naad-bridge between Guru and anyone with whom I now interact. There isn’t one facet of my life this course did not reach and enrich.
~~ Amar Dev Kaur

It was beautiful to dive deeper into the understanding of the Dharmic principles. But more than the understanding of them in themselves, I loved the way they were so much up to the individual as a seeker. I once again leave in awe with the respect and the inclusiveness that are part of a Dharmic attitude, a huge shift from the vision I had on our first class… I was able to shake my old ways, reconsider them, envision new ones, and walk now as a very transformed being. I absolutely love when things have the ability to move me from the inside out in such positive ways. Thank you Mata Mandir for giving us the space to make it possible!
~~ Sahiba Kaur